feeling the bones


the clocks are turned back an hour and i am in love.  with the chill in the air, with the dropping of leaves, with the fewer hours of sunlight.  this is strange to many (i’m told) but i love it.  i do.

with the sun setting earlier, it means the soft glow of lamps and string lights come sooner.  it means more candles are lit, and more often.  the days beg for warm and comforting foods.  they invite reflection.

as nature slows and moves into a restive sate, i feel myself doing the same.  no matter the busyness of autumn and early winter holidays, i feel the call to slow down and turn inward every year.

this isn’t to say i don’t run around like a crazy lady some days (i do).  but once i realized that nature’s movement from summer into autumn into winter mirrors my introverted longings…well, it was a bit of an aha moment for me.  it was a friend of mine who offered that thought…that, of course, this time of year suits me.  the rich darkness coming earlier each day entreats me to hunker down, to get quiet, to slow the pace, to reenergize by going in.

this isn’t also to say that i don’t enjoy spring and summer.  because i do.  but the energy of those seasons lifts me in a different way.  and once i’ve spirited my way through those delightful seasons, i’m ready (like the trees) to let certain accumulations drop away.

these words of andrew wyeth speak to me:  i prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape.  something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show.

and so i find myself slipping into this season with a gentle urgency to honor my interior landscape.  i want to write my story but not with the intent to get it all down, because i rather like when the whole story doesn’t show.  who needs an ending?  why not cycle round and round and round, shedding and blooming as necessary?

yes, i intend to hunker down and feel the bones for now.  and, in due time, i’ll put on a little show.




michelle gd is a photographer and writer playing with lens and verse.  she believes there is beauty in tiny moments and healing power in image and word.  you can explore your own tiny moments in the community that gathers for her e-course, 28 moments.  you can find her at her blog and on instagram @michelle_gd

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