edits & seeing from within

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September 8, 2014 — Third Super Moon for 2014 //

Today we move into new goals for the second year of Secret Rebel Club! Transitioning and updating the details of blog posts as we move from Squarespace to WordPress.


This iridology chart collage is a visual mission statement for Secret Rebel Club: seeing Life from the heart + writing about it.


I am beyond words with gratitude for the amazing rebel writers of Secret Rebel Club!

There have been so many times I wonder if my wild, organic vision for this site are a proverbial bridge too far for them to continue this journey into free-expression. Each time they “get it” and support this vision of Secret Rebel Club with their time and talent and energy!

Secret Rebel Club is about building community. There are words we know must be written, space to allow for conversations that must be introduced and fostered in a place of acceptance.

  • We speak rebel.
  • We write raw.
  • We are a questioning collective.
  • We embrace diversity.
  • We accept darkness.

Dearest Braveheart, I am grateful for {you}! That you believe in honoring rhythms of grace and speaking from the heart — even when the words catch in your throat and your heart is pounding!

The previously published posts are currently being edited and reorganized. This will take some time and intention since text-only posts have arrived safely after being imported to WordPress, but posts with images and special formatting arrived more like a jumbled-opened suitcase.

In the meantime, please remember we believe in {living} everything, including the messy edits.

This site has never been about facades or image; it is about getting {it} out — typing and pressing “publish” with the words we are certain must be written. There will be posts in need of editing; there might be some broken links.

Brokenness got us here and we invite you to join us in that — becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable — because it is liberating, Braveheart.

aka stargardener